Michael Grantley Jordon-Simmons, to give him his full moniker, was one of life's good guys.
Known to everybody in the South West, who had anything to do with motorbikes, he was probably best known for his business in powdercoating and his staggering knowledge about all things two wheeled.

Undeniably a true English eccentric. He lived his life for today and nothing was too much trouble.
At Reality, which was his chosen new name for Griff's Motorcycle Services, formerly The Electrostatic Paint Company, we will endeavour to honour his memory in the standard of work that we turn out.

He will never be forgotten, as we expect him to appear at any moment with a mouthful of abuse!
He will be sadly missed.

Never happier...
...than on a bike.
Wendy, Kebab, Wendy........perfect!